by Isabela • April 4,2016

Chloe’s latest video takes you behind the scenes on her shoot with Good hYOUman. Check it out!

I’ve also added three more photos from the shoot to the gallery, which you can check out by clicking on the thumbnails or link below!

12724984_1523101854664515_1384336271_n goodhYOUman01 goodhYOUman02 

by Isabela • April 4,2016

Recently, Chloe did a shoot with the brand good hYOUman and we now have two photos from the shoot. Chloe got to rock a top that says “do it anyway“.  As Chloe loves to say “ignore it, do it anyways, and prove them wrong“. Check out the photos in the gallery now and get your own over at the good hYOUman website!

chloe_hover_over_image_cropped_1024x1024 12940291_219494965090576_1150639455_n   

by Isabela • April 4,2016

Chloe’s YouTube video this week was a new Q&A video! Check it out below.

by Isabela • April 4,2016

Chloe was featured in this months issue of NKD Magazine! In this interview, Chloe got to talk a bit more about acting, school, and where she see’s herself in the future. I’ve added digital scans to the gallery and you can check out the full issue here. I’ve also added a new headshot taken by Deidhra Fahey to the gallery as well. Happy Saturday!

NKDMag_01 NKDMag_04 NKDMag_05 Chloe Lukasiak-25

Editorial > NKD Magazine (April 2016)
Photoshoots > Deidhra Fahey (2016)

by Isabela • March 3,2016

Last night Chloe attended the Los Angeles premiere of the new dance movie, High Strung. Chloe rocked the red carpet (as usual), and I absolutely adore her outfit! As of now, I’ve added 16 MQ photos from the premiere to the gallery and will add any others as they pop up. Chloe also did a few interviews while at the premiere which you can check out below as well!

Public Appearance > 2016 > High Strung Los Angeles Premiere

by Isabela • March 3,2016

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dm_season2_19 JW8551-WINDBREAKER-JACKET-POSE-MAIN-IMAGE-2_b0544b4f-b88b-4431-9ad4-a92312f7db03  sm13_fall_ (1)

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