Isabela / January 14,2018 / Comments Off on Chloe’s Who Knows Me Best Challenge.

Chloe uploaded today a new video with her sister Clara and mom making the Who Knows Me Challenge. Check it out below!

Isabela / September 18,2016 / Comments Off on Vlog Channel!

Exciting news Chloe fans. Chloe now has a vlog channel! Be sure to go subscribe for a behind the scenes look at Chloe’s daily life! Click the thumbnail below to subscribe, or search MoreChloe!

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Isabela / August 27,2016 / Comments Off on Gallery Update!

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PicturePub Chloe Lukasiak 019 bg bg bg

Isabela / June 14,2016 / Comments Off on Ready, Set, Play On!

Chloe recently teamed up with Playtex® Sport® and their Ready, Set, Play On campaign. Check out the video below!

Isabela / May 7,2016 / Comments Off on Chloe’s April 2016 Favorites!

Chloe uploaded a new video sharing some of her favorite things for the month of April. Check it out below!

Isabela / May 3,2016 / Comments Off on Chloe’s Spring Skin Care Routine + New Photo

Chloe uploaded a video showing everyone her spring skin care routine. Be sure to subscribe to Chloe’s YouTube channel if you haven’t already. She is almost to 1 MILLION subscribers! Congrats Chloe!

I’ve also added a gorgeous new photo of Chloe to the gallery. This photo is from Chloe’s Instagram account, and I hope to see more soon!!

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Isabela / April 19,2016 / Comments Off on Chloe’s Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Chloe’s video this week is a tutorial of her everyday makeup. Check it out below!

Isabela / April 5,2016 / Comments Off on New YouTube Q&A!

Chloe’s YouTube video this week was a new Q&A video! Check it out below.